Man City Continue To Monitor €40M-rated Bundesliga Midfielder

It was first detailed by Christian Falk of BILD toward the finish of October that the current Premier League pioneers had an interest in the 24 year-old, and at that point, were setting up a proposal of around €40 million in front of the impending summer move window.무료야동사이트

Albeit nothing huge seems to have progressed since that second, it does now seem like the interest surely stays, regardless of Monchengladbach’s very disappointing presentation against Manchester City in the Champions League last-16.

As per Lyall Thomas of Sky Sports, Manchester City have ‘kept on checking’ Denis Zakaria (24) this season, in the wake of making enquiries about him the previous summer.

There is an inclination in certain corners that protective midfield will be one of three places that Manchester City will hope to fortify this mid year.

Alongside the previously mentioned territory, City authorities will hope to enroll in striker, with Erling Haaland known to be an objective, and at left-back where scouts have been dazzled by Sporting’s adolescent sensation, Nuno Mendes.

Regardless of whether the observing of Denis Zakaria transforms into something more solid come the late spring, that stays not yet clear. In any case, with Fernandinho at present set to leave the club upon the expiry of his agreement, there is absolutely a situation to be filled.

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‘Baseball: Slightly Deadened!’ How MLB Is Changing, For Better Or Worse

Fix baseball? I’m your jack of all trades.

Alright, perhaps I can’t fix it, yet I can throw out some data and thoughts on the public interest, which is turning out to be just about as American as McDonald’s hot fruit dessert — it has wandered a long way from the first. Some profound contemplations:

• Quicker pitching.

Here’s new data, new to me in any event: A central explanation pitchers take such a long time between pitches is that word has spread through the pitchers’ fraternity house that taking a more drawn out time between pitches gives you more opportunity to recuperate, accordingly expanded speed (or “velo”) and higher innings checks.

A Sports Illustrated story by Tom Verducci presents many enlightening details, including this: The quantity of pitchers who require 25 seconds or more between pitches expanded from 4% of pitchers in 2009 to 43% in 2020.조개모아

You can see where this pattern is going. Pitchers won’t intentionally abbreviate their small scale recovery breaks. Baseball needs to get intense, uphold the throw clock. The 24-second clock didn’t kill ball.

You pitchers need to cry on somebody’s shoulder, go get Sandy Koufax or Dave Stewart.

More for you

• When in question, fault the A’s.

The steroid time moved hostile accentuation to the long ball, and the A’s more than took an interest in that party.

Investigation has changed the game drastically, perhaps not generally advantageous, and the Moneyball A’s were chiefs in that field, albeit the improvement of factual science on the whole games is a wave no one planned to stop.

The Giants? Gracious, better believe it, they likewise had a major impact in the homer fever. Fellow named Bonds?

Hello, a ton of progressive thoughts spring from the personalities of Bay Area prodigies, and not every one of the thoughts are acceptable ones.

• Bigger bases, more joyful countenances.

Baseball will analyze in some lower levels with bases that are 3 inches more extensive and more. So a sprinter returning home to initially will arrive at the sack 1½ inches sooner. A sprinter going from first to second gets an entire 3-inch help.

Greater bases: Won’t that make the infielders and baserunners look more modest?

That is some truly peculiar dabbling by baseball. Why not simply have folks knock it out of the park bat wearing shoes with broadened toes, 4 or 5 inches longer, similar to comedian shoes?

Helps me to remember the late Henny Youngman’s remark subsequent to watching his first expressive dance: “For what reason don’t they simply get taller young ladies?”

• Deader balls will not clear dividers (as frequently).

Significant League Baseball declared it will “somewhat stifle” the balls this season, enough to several feet off profound drives. Possibly advance seriously hitting, less clouting.

This comes following quite a while of chiefs demanding MLB has no power over the succulence of the ball. MLB was consistently similar to the wiener merchant telling his client, “Mate, I have no clue about what goes into these cylinder steaks, I simply sell them. You need to pose inquiries, go on ‘Peril!,’ OK?”

Unexpectedly Rob Manfred and his group are miniature controlling the trip of the balls? Did they simply discover where the ball manufacturing plant is and telephone the juicemaster?

In the 2015 season, all out homers bounced from 4,186 to 4,909, and the complete in 2019 was 6,776, and MLB authorities shrugged and said they had no clue about what was happening.

Presently they’re microtweaking the ball like it’s the admission complex of a moon rocket.

What about getting one ball you like and staying with it?

At any rate MLB has a swell new proverb for the 2021 season: “Baseball: Slightly stifled!”

• Out to dispatch.

The entire dispatch point fever is setting down deep roots. Monsters’ outfielder Mauricio Dubón pressed on around 15 pounds of muscle in the offseason, adjusted his swing, and broadcasted, “I’m attempting to lift and celebrate.”

Sounds like a cool tattoo.

• Coffee up, video replay umps.

Would we be able to simplify another standard? No radio or TV plugs permitted during video replays.

The NFL presently drains video audits by loosening up the surveys and running advertisements while we stand by, so snappy outcomes are currently benefit executioners. The NBA sells business time during free tosses.

Without a doubt MLB needs speedier set off audit umps. Discover them by sending scouts to Starbucks, join clients who request in five seconds or less and don’t take a gander at the menu board and say, “Gee.”

• Robot love.

Robo strike-zone umps will be utilized at low small time levels.

Conservatives whimper, yet request that the crybabies show you the umpire cards in their tremendous baseball card assortment.

Here’s single direction to manage the contention that human umps are more engaging than robo umps: Create robo umps that resemble umps and are customized with particular styles of calling balls and strikes and punching out players. I need to see a robo ump do a Leslie Nielsen “The Naked Gun” moonwalk on a called strike three.

Robots can be valuable. We have numerous at present serving in Congress.

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Which Experimental MLB Rules In MiLB Could Become Permanent?

MLB declared some exploratory playing rules will be executed across the lower levels during the forthcoming 2021 season.

These were set up, as per MLB, to “increment activity on the basepaths, make more balls in play, improve the speed and length of the games and lessen player wounds.”

Here are the standards and how we positioned them from the most reasonable to make it to MLB to the most unrealistic.

Triple-A (bigger bases): To diminish player wounds and crashes, the size of first, second and third base will be expanded from 15 inches square to 18 inches square. The Competition Committee additionally expects the more limited distances between bases made by expanded size to unassumingly affect the achievement pace of taken base endeavors and the recurrence with which a player sprinter arrives at base on groundballs and hit endeavors.

I truly love this because of the security situation and the way that we could see more base-taking. The previous will get the players far from any impacts that could occur because of cutoff foot situation while making outs. Lower legs celebrate!

The last part presumably is making Rickey Henderson feign exacerbation at this moment, yet I question that slight contrast will make anybody any nearer to breaking his MLB record 1,406 taken sacks.

It likewise could make more “show,” maybe, with regards to sprinters getting on base with those near call circumstances on ground balls and close plays. How about we simply trust we actually will observer more Ji-Man Choi’s stretches from the start. Those are dazzling.

Twofold A (protective situating): The cautious group should have at least four players on the infield, every one of whom should have the two feet totally before the external limit of the infield soil. Contingent upon the starter aftereffects of this exploratory guideline change, MLB may require two infielders to be situated altogether on each side of a respectable halfway point in the second 50% of the Double-A season. These limitations on guarded situating are proposed to expand the batting normal on balls in play.

I could see this being executed since we have a superior proportion of where the infield would play (i.E. Two infielders on one or the other side of a respectable halfway point). What’s more, I additionally have Buster Posey to thank for that.토토사이트

He felt firmly about disposing of the move and it had to do with what MLB is attempting to foundation to making more great, fun plays.

“On the off chance that you have Brandon Crawford playing a customary situation at shortstop, and a hard ground ball is hit up the center, he has a chance presently to make a plunging play and hotshot his arm, however all things being equal, he’s now remaining there, so it’s a standard ground ball and it’s not energizing,” Posey said as of late.

Groups love to move against Giants first baseman Brandon Belt, which has cost him a lot of hits over his vocation.

A’s players Matt Olson and Jed Lowrie additionally have taken a stand in opposition to it. I think since we realize it will not be excessively insane or change a lot of how the game is played protectively. I don’t detest this thought and from what I’ve heard (I haven’t heard from each and every player mind you), it doesn’t seem the players do all things considered.

High-A (“progression off rule): Pitchers are needed to withdraw the elastic before tossing to any base, with the punishment of a shy away in the occasion the pitcher neglects to go along. MLB carried out a comparative guideline in the second 50% of the Atlantic League season in 2019, which brought about a huge expansion in taken base endeavors and an improved achievement rate after selection of the standard.

I could see this being executed in MLB. I believe it’s an incredible estimation to use across the alliance, yet southpaws may don’t think so.

Lefties regularly have a slippery, quick method of having the option to get a person out when they’re found napping, as they can gaze directly at the sprinter on first from their stretch situation on the hill.

I likewise accept this will be fairly easy to execute by pitchers.

Low-A (take out impediment, pitch clock, and ABS): Pitchers will be restricted to an aggregate of two “venture offs” or “pickoffs” per plate appearance while there is at any rate one sprinter on base. A pitcher may endeavor a third step off or pickoff in a similar plate appearance; nonetheless, if the sprinter securely gets back to the involved base, the outcome is a recoil. Contingent upon the fundamental aftereffects of this trial rule change, MLB will think about decreasing the constraint to a solitary “venture off” or “pickoff” per plate appearance with in any event one sprinter on base.

The predetermined number of step offs … I don’t know. I would contend a few pitchers would despise it since they appreciate a limitless number of resets (tosses to initially base), however in any event, shaving off this much time probably won’t be a major change. I don’t feel it’s any not the same as a player requiring his reset to gauge up at the plate, change his gloves, and so on

Low-A West: notwithstanding the constraints on advance offs/pickoffs, adhering to fruitful speed of game guidelines testing among Florida State League groups in 2019, on-field clocks (one in the outfield, two behind home plate between the holes) will be carried out to uphold time limits between conveyance of pitches, inning breaks and pitching changes. The on-field clock utilized in Low-A West will incorporate new guidelines past the framework as of now utilized in Triple-An and Double-A to decrease game length and improve the speed of play.

Clocks have been around long enough in the minors where I could see players being utilized to them. So I don’t accept there will be a huge load of pushback on this. I watched a contribute clock the lower levels more than five years prior.

I really think this is a smart thought. I could see it being an issue should a pitcher out of the warm up area feel hurried, however I don’t accept there is any explanation it should require some investment in the middle of innings.

Low-A Southeast: notwithstanding the constraints on advance offs/pickoffs, MLB will grow testing of the Automatic Ball-Strike System (“ABS”) that started in the Atlantic League and Arizona Fall League to choose Low-A Southeast games to help home plate umpires with calling balls and strikes, guarantee a reliable strike zone is called, and decide the ideal strike zone for the framework.

So I totally disdain this generally. I know, I know – I see what all of you say about Angel Hernandez. I do like the way that there could be a general method to decide strikes and balls, however I like the human part of it. I’ve heard pitchers say they realize certain umpires will support their pitches since they understand what they have in the collection.

Furthermore, it in a real sense isn’t a robot umpire behind the plate you all. It’s a sensor that is conveyed to a genuine human authority.

By and large, not a fan.

RELATED: Why Luzardo utilizes ‘turkey sub’ similarity to depict new pitch

“The game on the field is continually developing, and MLB should be smart and deliberate about advancing toward the absolute best form of baseball – a rendition that is consistent with its substance and has sufficient reliable activity and physicality in plain view to engage enthusiasts, everything being equal,” Theo Epstein, advisor to MLB said in an explanation.

Until further notice, these are simply tests, however with the manner in which 2020 was utilized to analyze a few standards, it wouldn’t be amazing assuming a few, if not all, of these were executed later on

Report: No NBA Players Tested Positive For Coronavirus During All-Star Break

Report: No NBA Players Tested Positive For Coronavirus During All-Star Break

No players, mentors or authorities associated with NBA All-Star tried positive for Covid in Atlanta.

Clearly, none of the many players who spent their All-Star break somewhere else register another positive test, all things considered.

NBA discharge:

Of the 465 players tried for COVID-19 since March 3, two new players have returned affirmed positive tests.

Hoaxes Charania of The Athletic:

This is a stunning outcome.

NBA players had commonly contracted Covid at far higher rates when away from their groups. The All-Star break allowed players the chance to travel and live external severe class forced conventions.

All in all, how did players stay away from Covid cases?

NBA players formally have tried positive for the Covid in at any rate 162 cases – and more likely than not some more. Maybe some had common invulnerability to secure them whenever uncovered.

Covid rates are falling the nation over as inoculations and common invulnerability increment and the climate warms, permitting individuals to all the more effectively connect outside (where transmission is undeniably more outlandish). That diminishes the chances somebody a NBA player cooperates with has Covid.

Players, after a new uptick in cases, could be taking removing and veiling best-rehearses all the more genuinely.

Karma likewise might have been a factor. In some cases, somebody participates in high-hazard conduct and maintains a strategic distance from Covid. Once in a while, somebody participates in just okay conduct and agreements Covid.

It’s likewise conceivable more cases are coming from the All-Star break. Somebody who contracts Covid probably won’t test positive for a few days. The Wizards, Grizzlies, Spurs and Mavericks are finishing their All-Star break today. Different groups will not end theirs until tomorrow.

Story proceeds

In any case, if the All-Star break – which started last Thursday and Friday for groups – planned to deliver the high case tally dreaded, 토토 there likely would have been in excess of zero positive tests up until this point.

Ideally, there aren’t issues with players getting back from All-Star break with Covid, at first testing negative at that point spreading it. The following week’s trying divulgence should finish the All-Star-break picture.

Celtics Resting All Of Their Best Players Offers Wizards Good Chance For First Win In Final Bubble Game

It has been five months since the Wizards last dominated a match and it could be an additional four months until they get another opportunity. They enter Thursday’s season finale against the Boston Celtics (12 p.M. On NBC Sports Washington) having lost every one of the 10 of their games in the NBA’s restart bubble, however in fact just seven of them check.

That leaves Thursday’s down with some generally high stakes. The Wizards are attempting to abstain from leaving Disney World winless.

Fortunately the Boston Celtics see nothing to play for, so they are resting fundamentally the entirety of their best players. Their physical issue report peruses like a beginning arrangement.

Out are Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart and Daniel Theis. Earthy colored, Hayward and Smart are recorded as out because of rest. The others have minor wounds.

That could make an opening for the Wizards, who still can’t seem to exploit the couple of breaks offered by their seeding game timetable. They lost to the Suns back before Phoenix turned into the unexpected group of the air pocket. They additionally lost to the Brooklyn Nets with the vast majority of their program absent and afterward again to the Pacers who were without Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.

On Tuesday, they tumbled to the Bucks who were missing Eric Bledsoe and Khris Middleton and saw Giannis Antetokounmpo shot out in the principal half. The Wizards’ absence of winning experience because of their young list has demonstrated an excessive amount to survive.

Perhaps that will change on Thursday as the Wizards sense their last open door for a success before they jump on a flight and head back to Washington to start their offseason. They will see a Celtics group whose top outstanding scorer is Enes Kanter, who midpoints 8.1 focuses per game.

Boston is probably the best group in the NBA when solid. They have the third-best record in the East and rank top-four in both hostile and cautious proficiency.

They despite everything have one of their most important resources: lead trainer Brad Stevens. He happened to get an agreement augmentation on Wednesday.

The chances may really be in the Wizards’ kindness notwithstanding the reality they are missing Bradley Beal, John Wall and Davis Bertans. We’ll check whether they can exploit.

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Oakland’s Free Grab-and-go Lunch Program Will Be Available For Students Only

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — There are a few changes going to a program liable for giving a great many free snatch and-go snacks for youngsters in an East Bay city.

KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun discovered some food conveyance destinations getting a move on as food frailty welcomed on by the pandemic proceeds.

Following five months of parting with free food to any youngster 18-years of age or more youthful in the city of Oakland, on Monday the program will reach a conclusion.

“Presently it must be somebody who is really enlisted to one of our schools,” John Sasaki said.

Oakland Unified School District representative John Sasaki says an adjustment in a key subsidizing source is the explanation the supper program will now just be accessible for enlisted OUSD understudies.

“That change is a direct result of an adjustment in the standards with the central government,” Sasaki said. “We would have the option to take care of the entirety of the youngsters in Oakland since we know there is so much need yet right now we can’t do that.”

For those requiring help with food immediately, Michael Altfest says the Alameda County Food Bank has crisis food sacks all set.

“On the off chance that anyone needs help, in case you’re glancing in the organizer and you’re beginning to see perhaps a day or two remaining of food, we exceptionally urge you to contact us or your nearby food bank,” Altfest said.

Authorities with the City of Oakland state inhabitants encountering food instability during the pandemic will locate a huge rundown of city-run food dissemination locales just as non benefit associations giving food support.

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I Like My Chances…he’s Only Won One: Koepka Sets The PGA Battle Lines For Johnson

Creeks Koepka offered an inconspicuous update Dustin Johnson has just won one significant and said “I like my odds” when gotten some information about pursuing down his kindred American at the US PGA Championship.

On an intriguing moving day at TPC Harding Park, previous world number one Johnson moved into a one-shot lead as a five-under-standard 65 remaining him nine under for the competition.

Be that as it may, Koepka, meaning to win the competition for the third consecutive year, is just two shots back himself as the principal major of 2020 approaches an exciting end.

In 2019, it was Johnson who was endeavoring to pull in Koepka and with the jobs switched the last didn’t leave behind the opportunity to lay the fight lines.

“That is to say, I like my odds. At the point when I’ve been in this situation previously, I’ve promoted,” Koepka told a news gathering.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea, he’s just won one. I’m playing acceptable. I don’t have the foggiest idea, we’ll see.”

Johnson is one of three players inside the best 10 with one significant to their name, with Justin Rose and Jason Day likewise in conflict in front of Sunday’s last round.

Koepka, who shot a one-under 69 on Saturday, has four to his name and talked about the difficulties of winning a subsequent major.

“All things considered, in the event that you take a gander at the head of the leaderboard, I’d state yes [it is more hard to win a second major],” he included.

“I think desires. I get it gets troublesome in the event that you think you’ve played adequate to win various ones.

“Be that as it may, you’ve quite recently got the opportunity to continue putting yourself there. I’m working superbly of that. Be that as it may, the subsequent one unquestionably is somewhat harder, I think, as should be obvious from the head of the leaderboard.

“I’m playing acceptable so I like my odds. Simply put the ball in the fairway a couple of more occasions and not in the semi.

“That would be good, just not short-side myself. In the event that I can do that tomorrow and not short-side myself, I’ll have a decent possibility.”

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That’s Pretty Interesting: LeBron James’ Lakers Are No. 1 Seed, But Their Flaw Is Increasingly Glaring

Five minutes into the second quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder, LeBron James jogged down the court and burst into the paint. He knock his essential safeguard, Luguentz Dort, however by then two more Thunder protectors — Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Darius Bazley had combined. A fourth, Abdel Nader, got a hand on James’ go to Dion Waiters in the corner. Servers figured out how to corral the ball, which he at that point put on the floor to make a challenged 12-foot fadeaway that hit the backboard before it touched the edge:

The final product was especially monstrous, yet the ownership fills in as a convenient microcosm of the Lakers’ 105-86 misfortune (box score) on Wednesday. James, who got done with 19 focuses on 7-for-19 shooting, saw help protectors at whatever point he attempted to make. The equivalent went for Anthony Davis, who scored only nine focuses on 3-for-11 shooting, and their partners couldn’t make OKC pay.

Two days in the wake of securing the No. 1 seed in the West, this appears as though the sort of game that ought to be excused as aimless. The Lakers shot a rotten 5-for-37 (13.5 percent) from 3-point range, and, as indicated by Cleaning The Glass, they scored 85.1 focuses per 100 belongings in non-trash time, and 65.6 per 100 in the halfcourt, which are both their most minimal characteristics of the whole season.

In any case, isn’t it fascinating that, only four days earlier, they were actually as terrible? In a 107-92 misfortune on Saturday, the Toronto Raptors held them to 86.1 focuses per 100 belongings in non-trash time and 71.9 per 100 in the halfcourt. Here are three of numerous belongings that went no place:

What do you think, Russ?

The awkward truth about the Lakers is that couple of groups in the air pocket have looked more awkward on offense. On reviving night they dealt with a two-point prevail upon the Clippers, yet the individual strength of Davis, who scored 34 focuses and shot 16-for-17 from the free toss line, clouded that they had extraordinary trouble discovering focuses some other way. Los Angeles scored 102 focuses per 100 belongings in that triumph, its eleventh most noticeably awful hostile execution of the period. That number would rank dead rearward in the class whenever continued, as would the 86.7 focuses per 100 belongings the Lakers scored in the halfcourt.

Indeed, even the most passionate Laker hater would concede that it is impulsive to bounce to cataclysmic decisions dependent on a four-game example following a four-month cutback. Los Angeles hasn’t confronted a cautious sluggard yet, and it is endeavoring to coordinate Dion Waiters and J.R. Smith. Apparently, Danny Green won’t keep on missing such a large number of all the way open 3s. The Lakers’ air pocket battles, however, highlight a season-long issue: Their fair halfcourt offense.

Indeed, even before they lost Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo (the last briefly), they were excessively dependent on James’ playmaking and were a helpless 3-point-shooting crew by both volume and precision. They ate on the move and played stingier barrier than pretty much anyone foreseen, however in the halfcourt, their offense positioned fifteenth when the break began, with basically a similar productivity as the Phoenix Suns.

Nothing we’ve found in Orlando proposes the Lakers have fixed this, to put it liberally. On the off chance that they will do as such, they will either require any semblance of Kyle Kuzma, Waiters or Rondo to make plays reliably when they get somewhere down in the end of the season games – a perilous recommendation – or they will require James to command the ball considerably more (and, in view of their on/off numbers, never rest). No one targets frail connections as he does, yet different competitors don’t have huge numbers of those.

In contrast to last prepare, Los Angeles hasn’t burdened James with a program completely without shooting and loaded down with players who need the ball in their grasp. Rather, he has a MVP-gauge co-star however a flimsy supporting cast, and his way to his fourth title practically rules out blunder.

The most disturbing thing about Wednesday’s misfortune was not the edge but rather the adversary: The Thunder are one of the shallower season finisher groups in ongoing memory, and their solitary seat danger, Dennis Schroder, had left the grounds for the introduction of his youngster. Yet, it was Los Angeles that seemed awkward.

Beforehand on That’s Pretty Interesting: Trey Burke says he wasn’t astounded by his scoring blast; would it be a good idea for anyone to be?

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New Jersey Police Grab Child By the Throat and Drag Him to Ground to Get Bicycle From Him

He was allegedly disrupting traffic.

update 2/27/2020 11:27 am

In a statement to TooFab, Ridgewood Police said on Sunday it was observing a large group of bicyclists “obstructing traffic and causing safety hazards to passing motorists and to themselves.”

They attempted to stop them using police and sirens, as well as verbal commands and the public address system, but the group continued to elude them.

After making their way to Ridgewood where the streets were closed off to traffic for an event, police stopped the group to speak with them about bike safety and their conduct.

“One bicyclist disregarded the safety of others and began to pass the Officer and the Officer was speaking with the group. After some conversation, the Officer advised that bicyclist that he was going to be issued a summons by the Officer.”

“At that time, the bicyclist attempted to flee and began to pull his bicycle away from the officer. The Officers on scene attempted to take custody of the bicyclist and the bicyclist continued to actively resist the officers.”

Ridgewood PD confirmed the boy was 15 years old. He was taken to police HQ, issued four summonses for motor vehicle violation — despite not yet being old enough to drive one.

The statement did not mention the neck grab; but because it reviews “every use of force” the incident is under active investigation and has been referred to the Internal Affairs Unit.

original story 7/27/2020 7:42 AM

Two New Jersey police officers were filmed apprehending a child on a bicycle on Sunday.

Video of the arrest in Ridgewood sparked angry debates online, with many branding it ridiculously heavy-handed, while others felt the boy deserved it for allegedly disrupting traffic.

The 45-second clip shows one officer pulling the handlebar of the boy’s bike from him, as the boy slowly backs away, holding onto it.

Watch Alberta Cop Smash Non-Resisting Man’s Head Off Ground and Kneel on His Neck View Story

A second officer then swiftly approaches from behind, out of view of the child, and appears to grab him with both hands around his throat.

Using his full weight, the second officer then drags the boy to the ground while the first wrests the bike from his grip, before abandoning the bike to help the second officer pin the child to the ground.

His friends gasp and shout in protest, while the boy himself, with a forearm pressing his neck into the asphalt, cries in pain, begging them to take their weight off his stomach.

They cuff him and drag him back to his feet, but the boy seems to have trouble standing, before the video cuts.

Grinning Virginia Trooper Drags Black Man Out of Car by His Neck to Give ‘Ass Whooping’: ‘Watch The Show, Folks!’ View Story

One commenter who claimed to be from the town said a “couple dozen” kids on bikes had started blocking traffic three towns away, before making their way to Ridgewood where they ran into police.

A news photographer on the scene shortly afterward said the incident involved a “flash mob” group of bicyclists.

“No police officers were injured in the incident,” he wrote on Facebook. “A police supervisor reported that the individual taken into custody was likely a minor.”

“He was transported to Ridgewood PD headquarters for processing. Police at the scene did not reveal what charges would be pressed.”

TooFab has reached out to Ridgewood PD for comment.

Ohio Man Facing Charges Over Pic of Him Kneeling on Crying Baby’s Neck: ‘BLM Now MF’ View Story

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The Coming Republican Power Grab On The Supreme Court

With a deadly pandemic rampaging across the country and the president threatening to deploy armed federal agents to quash protests in numerous cities over the objection of local elected officials, it’s understandable that there’s been relatively little attention paid to the possibility that Republicans may soon attempt an unprecedented and dangerously antidemocratic power grab on the Supreme Court.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the high court’s four liberals, was recently hospitalized with what was described as a possible infection. Three days later, the 87-year-old justice announced that she has been diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. (Ginsburg was treated for colon cancer in 1999, pancreatic cancer in 2009, and lung cancer in 2018. Her current diagnosis concerns a recurrence of pancreatic cancer in her liver.)

If Ginsburg dies between now and Election Day, the Trump administration and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will face a momentous choice. One possibility is that they will follow the principle McConnell enunciated in 2016 to justify blocking hearings and a vote on Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s choice to replace conservative stalwart Antonin Scalia, who died in February of that year. In that case, the party would wait for voters to have their say on Nov. 3. If Republicans maintain control of the executive branch and the Senate, then President Trump would go ahead and nominate a conservative justice to Ginsburg’s seat and the Senate would presumably confirm the nominee. But if Trump goes down to defeat and Republicans lose control of the Senate, the seat on the high court would remain vacant until a new president got a chance to fill it. That’s how Trump himself ended up naming conservative Neil Gorsuch to succeed Scalia.

But there’s another and far more ominous possibility — one that Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) laid out in a recent interview. In the event that Ginsburg dies while Trump remains president and Republicans maintain control of the Senate, they would work together to nominate and confirm a conservative justice — even if this involves the president making his nomination after losing the election and the Senate holding a vote during its lame-duck session, just prior to handing over power to a new Democratic majority.

Not only would this demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt what pretty much everyone has assumed from the start, which is that McConnell’s high-minded rationale for blocking the Garland nomination (that it came too close to Election Day to proceed without giving voters a say) was just power politics dressed up with an ad hoc pretext of principle. It would also show that, far from deferring to the will of the voters, the contemporary Republican Party displays outright contempt for democratic public opinion when it fails to deliver conservative outcomes.

It would be hard to imagine anything more damaging to the civic health of the nation.

We spend too much time debating the procedural rights and powers of elected officials and not enough thinking through the wisdom or folly of them making specific choices with the rights and powers they clearly possess. Can Trump and McConnell push through a high court nomination in December, in blatant defiance of public opinion, if they wish? The answer is probably yes. But it’s far more important to understand why they shouldn’t do such a thing — and what is likely to follow if they do.

When asked to explain their defiance of public opinion, conservatives typically revert to the cliché that our country is “a republic and not a democracy.” This is supposed to justify Republican moves to manipulate (and add to) our system’s many counter-majoritarian rules and institutions to enhance GOP power despite the party’s waning ability to win elections outright. But our government’s republican character isn’t designed to systematically thwart the will of the party or faction of the electorate that wins the most votes and reward the party or faction that loses. It’s designed to break the electorate into multiple groupings or clusters, giving each the power to check and balance the others. That makes us a democratic republic, not an anti-democratic one — which means that the perceived legitimacy of the system ultimately rests on its responsiveness to public opinion.

We elect House members from local districts, senators at the state level, and the president nationally (indirectly, through the state-based Electoral College). Supreme Court justices, meanwhile, are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate, placing them one step removed from public opinion. But all of them are ultimately supposed to be answerable to the voters.

The main way to gauge this popular responsiveness is by holding periodic elections. McConnell’s refusal to hold hearings and schedule a vote on Merrick Garland’s nomination to the court paid lip service to this consideration. The most that could be said in its favor is that, given the monumental consequences of appointing a (moderate) liberal to a seat on the court formerly held by a staunch conservative at a time of intense partisan polarization, it made sense to see which way the winds of public opinion were blowing later that same year. That a Republican ended up winning the power to name Scalia’s successor despite losing the popular vote by three million only drove home the system’s declining capacity to respond adequately and accurately to public opinion.

But that’s nothing compared with what would happen if Trump and McConnell pushed through a lifetime conservative successor to Ginsburg immediately after losing the presidency and control of the Senate. Far more than the block on Garland’s nomination four years ago, this would signal to the country and the world that one of America’s two major parties is willing to defy public opinion outright — at least when it moves against the party and the ideological commitments of its voters.

When public opinion as expressed through elections is flagrantly defied in a democratic republic, only one alternative remains to the people — and that is to reject the legitimacy of the system itself. Both parties have been inching in this direction in recent years. But we’ve never seen anything in living memory like what would transpire with such a blatantly anti-democratic power grab on the part of the Republican Party. Prepare for a strong push in favor of progressive court packing, and then a revival of the conservative case for the state-level nullification of Supreme Court decisions. And of course, Republicans would pack the court with even more conservative justices at their first opportunity, which would lead the Democrats to embrace blue-state nullification for decisions they reject.

It’s hard to see how the Supreme Court could survive as an institution under such conditions — or how the clashes emanating from the conflict could fail to infect the other branches of the federal government, individual state governments, and the country at large.

Ramming through a right-wing nominee to the high court, shifting its balance even further away from the left, immediately after an election delivered a popular repudiation of Republican governance, would mark an unprecedented escalation of partisan warfare in the United States and begin the breakdown of self-government itself.

Mitch McConnell would be wise to think long and hard about whether he really wants to be remembered as the man who helped usher in the end of democracy in America.

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