Sorare Taps Gaming Execs Ryan Spoon, Michael Meltzer For U.S. Growth

The group has hired Ryan Spoon, former BetMGM COO, into the same role at Sorare. It also hired Michael Meltzer, previously a senior director of strategic ventures at DraftKings, to be vice president of business development.

Both executives will be based out of Sorare’s planned U.S. Office, and both will help the company focus on expanding its presence in the most developed commercial sports market in the world. U.S. Leagues like the NBA and NFL have dipped their toes into NFTs, particularly with U.S.-based Dapper Labs, and Sorare sees an opportunity to bring its unique NFT-and-fantasy approach to the market.일본야동

Sorare’s NFTs can be used in fantasy-style contests for real money, differentiating its product from much of what is currently available in the U.S. That adds a layer of utility to the NFTs, making Sorare’s items both collectibles and gaming tokens.

“Combining fantasy sports and blockchain technology offers an opportunity to mix gamification with ownership, and that drives incredible engagement,” Meltzer said in an interview. “Sorare is building a global community that North American leagues can tap into, and their success in soccer will translate to the U.S., which has a much more robust fantasy industry already in existence.”

The group already has a large presence in European soccer it has partnerships with hundreds of clubs and leagues, including LaLiga and Bundesliga. One of its top priorities is to expand into other sports.

Both Spoon and Meltzer will rely on their experience in gaming, and the U.S. Sports world, to aid that growth. Spoon has been COO of BetMGM for almost a year, as the company quickly grew into one of the U.S. Market’s largest players in both sports betting and iGaming. Meltzer spent six years at DraftKings and worked on some of the company’s biggest strategic deals, including partnerships with ESPN and Turner Sports.

While NFTs were barely on the radar of U.S. Sports fans 12 months ago, the space has quickly become crowded. That’s largely due to a surge in interest in memorabilia, alternate asset classes and blockchain technology. Dapper Labs, makers of NBA Top Shot, recently raised $250 million at a $7.6 billion valuation. In June, Fanatics launched an NFT company, Candy Digital, alongside Michael Novogratz and Gary Vaynerchuk; Tom Brady co-founded another, called Autograph.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Paris, Sorare was valued at $4.3 billion in its last funding round. Its backers include SoftBank, venture capital firms Accel and Benchmark, and a number of well-known soccer players, including Antoine Griezmann, Gérard Piqué and André Schurrle.

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Apple Watch Series 7 Orders Prepare To Ship For Oct 15 Release

Preorders for the Apple Watch Series 7 are beginning to be prepared for transportation to shoppers, however there will in any case be negligible conveyances in front of its October 15 road date.한국야동

The pre-request measure for the Apple Watch Series 7 has followed the recognizable example of other Apple item dispatches, beginning on Friday through the Apple site with a surge of requests. With the Apple Watch expected to be in client’s grasp by October 15, normally there’s some movement being made in satisfying the buys.

Various early orders for the new Apple Watch model have begun to see their orders change from “Handling” to “Planning to Ship” in the web-based Apple Store’s following, reports 9to5Mac. Similar postings likewise keep on expressing that the request will show up on Friday October 15, true to form.

Actually like the iPhone 13 preorders in September, it merits recalling that, regardless of whether Apple were to deliver the orders days ahead of the road date, they will not really show up before the expected time.

Apple works with its delivery accomplices to attempt to keep up with delivery dates by keeping early conveyances from happening. While sporadically early conveyances do happen, by far most of preorders with a road date-appearance will turn up on schedule or later, not previously.

The scrum for orders was, as normal for Apple, serious, with appearance dates for certain variations slipping inside a couple of moments of accessibility. For certain models, new preorders will see conveyances occur toward the beginning of November.

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Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Novels Headed To Television

A+E Studios reported for this present week that it had procured privileges to Grafton’s letters in order series, with so much titles as “An Is for Alibi” and “E Is for Evidence.” Grafton finished 25 Millhone books, through “Y Is intended for Yesterday,” however kicked the bucket in 2017 preceding she could compose a story for Z.

“Sue Grafton is a definitive narrator who went through many years engaging perusers through her rich characters and entrancing secrets,” Barry Jossen, president and head of A+E Studios, said in an assertion. “We are regarded to carry on her inheritance and rejuvenate these immortal stories. We are effectively talking with intrigued stages and looking for a showrunner for the series, just as the ideal entertainer to epitomize the desired lead job of Kinsey Millhone.”무료성인야동

Grafton’s many fans may praise the opportunity to see her work on the screen, and marvel who may play the renowned investigator Millhone. They may likewise recollect a promise she made back in 1997, reviewing her miserable encounters composing for TV films before she got on as an author.

“I won’t ever offer (Kinsey to Hollywood. Furthermore, I have made my kids vow not to sell her. We’ve made a blood vow, and on the off chance that they do as such I will return from the grave: which they realize I can do,” she told January Magazine. “They must give the word to my grandkids: we don’t sell out our grandmother.”

Grafton’s little girl Jamie Clark reaffirmed her mom’s pledge while reporting her passing four years prior, however the creator’s better half and chief maker of the series, Steve Humphrey, says he and the family have concurred that the occasions and the medium have changed.

“TV has significantly developed since Sue was writing in Hollywood during the 1980s. From her experience then, at that point, she was worried that her accounts and characters would be lessened when they were adjusted. However, as the force of TV has changed after some time, so too has the quality from composing and acting to the creation esteems and review insight,” Humphrey said in an assertion gave through A+E and furthermore posted on Grafton’s Facebook page.

“I chose A+E Studios as my accomplice since they comprehend the significance of keeping up with the tone and tenor of Sue’s work and the person and are devoted to working with us to rejuvenate her accounts such that that will satisfy both current and new fans, and will likewise respect her heritage.

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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Looked Flaming Hot At The Chanel Show — See Photos

On account of Jennie Kim, Chanel sought the BLACKPINK treatment at its Spring/Summer 2022 assortment show, which as of late occurred in Paris. As a minister for the unbelievable French house and the substance of its new “Coco Neige” crusade, Jennie appeared looking blazing hot in an energetic red Chanel set.무료야동

The artist sat first column at the show and dressed for the event in a red tank top and small skirt, made in Chanel’s mark bouclé tweed texture. The trimmed vest top highlighted buttons embellished with Chanel’s interlocking twofold “C” logo and the skirt was belted with a thin chain of pearls secured with another twofold “C” logo at Jennie’s hip.

Jennie kept the logos going with her layered highly contrasting jewel and pearl “CC” neckband and choker, red stitched pack, and Chanel chainrings, and added a charming pair of dark peep-toe heels with bow subtleties for a sweet completion. (It was a LOOK.)

Jennie has been working with Chanel for quite a while and has seen been seen donning a portion of the maison’s pieces wherever from air terminal genuine pics to magazine shoots. She likewise shows up in a video shot by the notorious picture taker pair Inez and Vinoodh on the side of the show and the new assortment.

In the video, she presents in high contrast wearing shorts, a tank top, and a sweatshirt close by a couple of dark stages with the “C” logo shamelessly concealed on the heel. She additionally showed up in another mission video close by individual Chanel muses like Lily-Rose Depp.

Obviously, Jennie isn’t the main individual from BLACKPINK to capture everyone’s attention at Paris Fashion Week. Her bandmates have additionally been partaking in the full PFW experience, with Rosé going to the Saint Laurent show in a transparent dark babydoll dress with knee-high boots and Jisoo going to the Dior show in a weaved highly contrasting minidress with a Roman trooper theme.

Paris Fashion Week is the ideal spot for the in vogue BLACKPINK individuals, and we can hardly wait to see more from the gathering as they proceed with their complete style control.

Similar as Jennie, Rosé is a representative for Saint Laurent and went to the Met Gala with the brand, while Jisoo has been working with Dior. (Lisa is a representative for another French design house, Celine, however it appears as though it doesn’t have a space in the PFW plan this season.)

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Why Is The World Obsessed With Netflix’s Squid Game: Explaining Its Popularity

South Korean show Squid Game has caught the interest of crowd internationally. Promptly after its delivery, the extreme thrill ride has become one of the most watched shows of streaming goliath Netflix. It has been moving at number one spot in a few nations since its debut, and images dependent on the show have overwhelmed the web.

The show was delivered on 17 September. Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos said the month before, “It’s just been out for nine days, and it’s an awesome possibility it will be our greatest show ever.” An expression of recognition likewise rolled in from Jeff Bezos who said, “@ReedHastings and Ted Sarandos and the group at @Netflix.성인사진

hit the nail on the head so regularly. Their internationalization procedure is difficult, and they’re making it work. Great and rousing. (What’s more, I can hardly wait to watch the show.)”

What Squid Game is all aboutFor the unenlightened, Squid Game is an anecdotal endurance series which expects individuals to take an interest in what resembles games youngsters may play. It is possible that they succeed at life in Squid Game, or they kick the bucket attempting.

Chief Hwang Dong-hyuk is content with the startling achievement of the show. Addressing Variety, he said, “I needed to compose a story that was a purposeful anecdote or tale about present day entrepreneur society, something that portrays an outrageous contest, fairly like the outrageous rivalry of life. Be that as it may, I needed it to utilize the sort of characters we’ve all met, all things considered.”

What clarifies Squid Game’s prevalence The show was at first evolved as a film, yet was subsequently changed over into a series to suit its motivation better. Individuals are dependent on the series and think that it is appealing in spite of being set in a country not the same as theirs.

Kim Pyeong-posse, a worldwide social substance educator at Sangmyung University, thinks there is a strong explanation for the association watchers have found with Squid Game. Conversing with BBC, Kim said, “Individuals, particularly the more youthful age, who consistently experience the ill effects of distance and disdain, in actuality, appear to feel for the characters.”

The issue with the captions But even as the show is getting famous, there is one in number issue a segment of the crowd has with Squid Game, its captions. Obviously, individuals have been whining about the English captions specifically, saying that the understanding is terrible and the whole significance of the show changes because of the distinction in interpretation.

All things considered, Squid Game is as yet wearing the pants taking everything into account. So checking out its enormous achievement, has essayist chief Hwang Dong-hyuk considered making a continuation at this point?

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Being A Stunt Double For Bruce Lee Made Jackie Chan Want To Be A Star

Jackie Chan: around then, my vocation was not doing well overall. There was a great deal of rivalry for stunt organizers in Hong Kong. Pretty much every time a chief did another film, they utilized similar combative techniques choreographer. After the John Woo film [The Young Dragons , which Chan choreographed], I simply needed more customers.

However, I needed to figure out how to earn enough to pay the rent. Then, at that point, a trick organizer I used to work with said he needed more doubles, so I said OK, I would be a stand-in once more. I just needed to twofold for a couple of days for a Japanese person in Fist of Fury .실시간야동

What was Bruce Lee like to be around at that time?There were consistently 30 or 40 individuals around Bruce Lee then, at that point, and whatever he said, they would say ‘yes’ to. I truly saw that. Everyone dealt with him like a lord or a divine being. A portion of my companions were acceptable at kung fu, and they would do that, they would simply say yes to him constantly.

I would think, ‘Don’t be that way, you may not be superior to him, however you are still acceptable’. Yet, Lee was at that point the top person. The entire world was applauding Bruce Lee.

How did Bruce Lee impact you? He impacted me a great deal, however I realized I would never be him. He was the ruler of combative techniques, and I just appreciated him. The manner in which he talked, the manner in which he punched, even the manner in which he talked was noteworthy. He was a great talker!

Since he was brought into the world in the US, he was more open than us. Everybody preferred him, he was excellent to us, awesome to the low-class individuals, and he didn’t actually think often that amount about the large managers.

What’s your opinion about jeet kune do as a [martial arts] style? I thought jeet kune do was a significant ordinary style. Lee took in certain things and set up them in his own particular manner. That is My main event, as well. In the event that I opened a school, and showed understudies, I could say that I was instructing ‘Jackie do’, I could consider it that. It’s exactly the same thing.

He did boxing, karate, judo, taekwondo and Chinese kung fu, that was essentially what jeet kune do comprised of. The establishments of his style were not that unique, but rather the mix was unique. Then, at that point, he got renowned and everybody needed to know jeet kune do. In the event that I opened a school, I could call the style ‘Caesar salad do’. It would incorporate boxing, judo, northern style combative techniques, everything.

Everything began with wing chun, it appears. Indeed, Bruce Lee was for the most part wing chun joined with Muhammad Ali-style boxing. It was all in the manner he moved – the manner in which he moved put him on the map. He was additionally quick to do a few things on film.

Everybody realized how to battle with the two sticks, yet he was quick to utilize that on film, so everybody thought it was his development. However, it was really a conventional weapon. The equivalent for the kicking. He was the first to put the side kick, the twofold kick, in a film.

Whatever he put in a film, he was believed to be awesome at. Individuals watch Drunken Master II and say, Jackie, you are the best [at tanked kung fu ]. Yet, when I see other military craftsmen from China, I think they are superior to me. However, no one says they are awesome, and even they take a gander at me and say, ‘Jackie, you are awesome.’

In the event that you put something in a film and you do it first, it turns into your thing. That is on the grounds that when you watch one of my movies, you are centered around me!

How was Bruce Lee to function with on set? All things considered, when we had completed the process of shooting in the day, he required some more individuals to work around evening time. He took a gander at the trick facilitator and said, ‘I need Jackie’. I was so cheerful – that implied I would get additional time pay until the following morning! So Bruce Lee got me more cash. That was whenever I first made US$200 in one day – it was in reality twofold compensation for me.

Bruce was incredible, in light of the fact that he got me significantly more cash by telling the trick organizer it was a risky trick – however it was anything but a hazardous trick. He was simply attempting to assist me with getting compensated more, and that made me so glad.

How could you feel when you saw Fist of Fury ? Bruce Lee got my one of my [fight] siblings [probably Yuen Wah] to do a few somersaults, as he was unable to do somersaults. At the point when the film came out, we went to see it together in the film and everyone applauded when Bruce did the somersault. I said, ‘That is not Bruce Lee, that is you!” I additionally said. “That is not the Japanese person, it’s me!”

We were stunt duplicates – our work was to make the entertainers look great. That is the point at which I understood that I needed to be a star myself. So from that point on, I needed to tell individuals it was me on the screen. I would not like to be a twofold. At the point when you check out a Jackie Chan film, you can see it’s me. Now and again I don’t do the trick impeccably yet it’s still me.

Do you believe that superstardom was awful for Bruce Lee as a military craftsman? Indeed, I figure you could say a many individuals killed Bruce Lee. There were such countless bits of gossip about him when he was working in Hong Kong, bits of hearsay with regards to the mind blowing things that he should have the option to do. Individuals were continually pushing him, pushing him excessively hard.

I recollect that individuals at first were saying he could punch at 100lbs, then, at that point, straight after that they were saying he could punch at 700lbs. Furthermore, he would do one kick, and everybody would say later that he really completed three kicks, not one. And afterward they were saying he was preparing to do a one-finger punch which could break a divider.

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Can You Wear House Slippers In Public? Hailey Bieber Says Yes

Of all the unfussy footwear alternatives accessible to you, a group most loved is a simple pair of slip-on shoes. The style was a significant pattern all through summer 2021, and since the season has moved from summer into fall, it’s an ideal opportunity to contemplate making a climate suitable change in accordance with your footwear choices.

For motivation, look to Hailey Bieber, whose Fluff Yeah slides from UGG as of late made their fall road style debut. What’s more, they epitomized a definitive house shoe vibe. As well as wearing the snuggly shoe, the model likewise inclined toward the questionable socks and shoes look, which cemented her OOTD’s popular potential.조개모아

UGG previously delivered the Fluff Yeah shoes back in 2018 and has since refreshed it in an assortment of tones and examples that reach from unbiased pastels to lively neons. (UGG even delivered a rainbow alternative for Pride Month sooner this year.) Bieber, however, settled on this slide in the Ash Fog conceal a blue-dark choice that filled in as a decent differentiation to her generally all-dark outfit.

She matched the $100 footwear with a menswear California jacket from Fear of God, an argyle-designed fleece sweater from Khaite, and a material pail cap from Jacquemus. To polish off her acquired from-the-young men look, Bieber hauled a croc-decorated shoulder sack from Saint Laurent.

Hailey Bieber wears UGG Fluff Yeah shoes, Saint Laurent shoulder sack, and Jacquemus bucker while.

Other A-listers have been spotted wearing the comfortable yet proclamation making shoe, as well. Gigi Hadid was one of the first stars to brandish the Fluff Yeah slide, venturing out in a pastel yellow pair in June 2019. To the extent ongoing road style sightings go, Megan Fox wore a pastel pink pair while making the rounds in Los Angeles in April 2021. Everybody adores this reasonable shoe since it’s agreeable and gives that moment laid-back factor to any look. Give it a shot for yourself: The soft plan matches so well including dresses to pants to biker shorts.

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Proenza Schouler X Birkenstock Collection Reimagines Sandals In New Bold Colours

Proenza Schouler and Birkenstock put a cutting edge turn on shoes from their most recent Proenza Schouler x Birkenstock cooperation.중국야동

Blend your number one shoe in with New York City high road design, and the outcome is an overwhelming crossing point of style and solace. After their first group satisfying shoe coordinated effort last year, we just couldn’t get enough. This time, Birkenstock and Proenza Schouler are back with one more round of showy shoes that save the much-adored plan subtleties from the main drop. Here is a sneak look at this unisex case assortment.

Propelled by a mix of utilitarian and athletic footwear, these shoes are an uncommon gathering of structure and usefulness. Arizona and Milano outlines are executed in cleaned, Specchio calf calfskin, with a snare and-circle conclusion instead of equipment clasps. Another champion element is obviously the mechanical differentiation topstitching. It adds a scramble of cool and refines the exemplary Birkenstock shoes.

These slip-in a hurry shoes are accessible in a few tones to assist with talking your style. Proenza Schouler x Birkenstock assortment features notorious Proenza Schouler ranges with dynamic cobalt blue, natural gear burgundy, and raised neutrals in dark and ecru. This shading range means to convey the wearer from later summer to late-summer. Regardless, they pair impeccably with anything you wear and cause you to feel cleaned with somewhat of an edge.

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Surprising Side Effects Of Consuming Too Much Coconut Oil

It seems like coconut oil can essentially be utilized for anything nowadays. Regardless of whether it is being utilized as a skin cream, hair treatment, or a cooking fat, it appears coconut oil is setting down deep roots.

What’s more, despite the fact that it has become famous as a well known “sound” oil choice, there is still such a lot of obscure with regards to the advantages and symptoms of burning-through it.일본야동

While more examination actually should be done on the enduring impacts of burning-through coconut oil, specialists have discovered that it may not be just about as sound as we’ve been told. Peruse on to gain proficiency with a portion of the astonishing results of burning-through an excess of coconut oil.

It may raise your cholesterol Although many individuals believe coconut oil to be sound, it has really been displayed to effectsly affect cholesterol and cardiovascular wellbeing. In the wake of checking out numerous clinical preliminaries on the utilization of coconut oil, a report from Circulation presumed that coconut oil fundamentally raises LDL cholesterol (also called ‘awful cholesterol’) levels when contrasted and different oils like palm, olive, and grape seed oil.

You’ll devour a great deal of calories from fat What might come as an amazement is that in spite of the fact that coconut is viewed as a sound oil choice by many individuals, around 80 to 90 percent of it is comprised of immersed fat, which is around 11 grams for each tablespoon.

Due to its relationship with elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular illness, the American Heart Association (AHA) prescribes attempting to restrict the utilization of immersed fats at whatever point one can and even proposes remaining under 6% of one’s all out every day calories.

As per a report from Nutrition Reviews, burning-through coconut oil is tantamount to devouring most other immersed fats, and there isn’t sufficient exploration yet to decide whether it ought to be viewed as a better choice.

It may cause looseness of the bowels For a few, eating an excessive amount of coconut oil can cause gentle stomach distress. A report distributed in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine covered an investigation of 32 individuals who routinely burned-through coconut oil double a day for a very long time. Of these members, around 72% experienced loose bowels, while something like 19% detailed stomach hurts.

This review was restricted on the grounds that the members were just between the ages of 18 to 25, so more exploration actually should be done on the impacts of a lot of coconut oil on other age gatherings. Despite age, on the off chance that one encounters these kinds of stomach-related incidental effects in the wake of burning-through coconut oil, it very well may be an indication that one is devouring a lot of it.

There still isn’t sufficient exploration supporting coconut oil

There is as yet a significant dissimilarity between what individuals understand to be true with respect to the medical advantages of coconut oil and its deductively demonstrated advantages. In a review from the New York Times, 72% of Americans concluded that coconut oil is sound, yet just 37per penny of sustenance specialists concurred with this case.

As per the Harvard School of Public Health, many individuals erroneously accept that on the grounds that specific regions of the planet who generally burn-through coconut oil have lower cardiovascular infection rates and cholesterol that it should mean it is beneficial to burn-through.

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‘The Pigs Can Smell Man’: How Decimation Of Borneo’s Rainforests Threatens Both Hunters And Hunted

For over 40,000 years, Indigenous people group in Borneo have pursued and eaten unshaven pigs gigantic, itinerant creatures that wander the island in Southeast Asia. These 100kg animals are integral to the occupation and culture of some Bornean people groups indeed, a few trackers infrequently discuss whatever else.일본야동

Be that as it may, this old relationship is presently at genuine danger. Oil palm extension and urbanization are constraining changes to hunting rehearses in Sabah, a Malaysian state in Borneo. Our exploration analyzed these progressions by zeroing in on Indigenous Kadazandusun-Murut trackers, for whom whiskery pigs are a most loved game creature.

The oil palm industry has gotten a lot of free from Borneo’s marsh tropical rainforests to clear a path for manors. Furthermore, a shift to a more agrarian and urbanized life implies many individuals chase short of what they used to.

Hunting is one of the most essential and suffering of human–untamed life connections. However, the changing dynamic between Borneo’s pigs and Indigenous people groups is an amazing token of the delicacy of these associations. There is much in question at the present time, for both the pursued and the tracker.

Changing occasions As its name recommends, the hairy pig has a noticeable facial hair growth. It’s a huge animal groups thought to climb to 650km looking for food, in enormous crowds of up to 300 people.

Wild meat can add to as much as 36% of suppers in Indigenous Bornean social orders, and hairy pig meat represents 54–97% of this by weight. Hairy pig hunting is likewise fundamental to diversion, gift-giving and social practices in a considerable lot of Borneo’s Indigenous people group.

Yet, boundless deforestation and horticultural extension (basically oil palm and elastic manors) has definitely decreased hairy pig territory in late many years. The unshaven pig is currently recorded as defenseless on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List.

Sabah has been on the bleeding edges of the oil palm blast since the late twentieth century. Starting at 2015, generally 24% of Sabah’s property region was covered by oil palm or pulpwood manors.

Sabahans at times take work with oil palm organizations, own their own oil palm smallholdings or move to metropolitan regions for moderately well-paying positions in assembling and retail.

The people who stay in provincial pieces of the state have diminished admittance to croplands and woodlands in certain spaces which, among other contrary effects, limits their capacity to chase game.

‘This is our life’ We researched what the above land-use changes have meant for pig hunting practices of the Kadazandusun-Murut ethnic gathering, incorporating 38 meetings with hairy pig trackers.

Trackers are adjusting new techniques to seek after pigs inside ranches. Respondents announced that hunting in oil palm ranches was simpler by and large than hunting in woodlands—in light of the fact that the strolling was for the most part less tiring (and they could now and then chase from a vehicle), it was simpler to see pigs and scrounging areas were more unsurprising.

Five respondents noticed a distinction between the flavor of meat from pigs in oil palm manors when contrasted with backwoods. One said: “The pig from the woods is a lot more delectable, it’s more fit. On the off chance that the pig eats oil palm, its fat isn’t as sweet.”

Numerous trackers said unshaven pigs were “more stunning,” “more intelligent” and more restless than they had been before. Remarks included: “The pigs can smell man; they are getting all the more wild since they are continually having chance by men.”

One more member said: “In the past pigs just looked, however presently they flee. Presently the pig has a secondary school declaration.”

Among trackers who had begun hunting before 1985, 71% noticed this expanded flight reaction, though just 26% of the individuals who started hunting after 1985 referenced this conduct change.

Respondents burned-through wild unshaven pig meat more regularly in provincial towns than in metropolitan settings, demonstrating a significant change in dietary examples. A few respondents likewise chased less as often as possible when living in metropolitan conditions, because of having less time, expanded distance to the backwoods, lower energy in view of working or different components.

However, in spite of these considerable changes in hunting rehearses, much has continued as before throughout the last not many decades.Hunting with firearms has stayed the essential procedure in the course of the last two ages, and meat arrangement is the essential inspiration to chase.

조개모아 무료성인야동 무료야동사이트 한국야동 실시간야동 일본야동 성인사진 중국야동 무료야동