Amir Locke’s mom pushes for end to ‘no knock’ warrants after cop not charged in son’s death

Amir Locke’s mom said she doesn’t believe that her child’s demise should be to no end and is approaching legislators to change perhaps the most disputable police strategy.성인사진

Karen Wells talked with Stephanie Ramos Wednesday, only hours after Minnesota investigators declared they wouldn’t charge the official who shot Locke during a “no thump” warrant in February.

“They’re not really great for my child. They’re not really great for any other individual. Since eventually, it sits idle. It brings hurt, it brings passing, which occurred with my child.

Locke, who legitimately claimed a firearm, was resting under a cover on the love seat on Feb. 2 when the officials came into the condo and executed the warrant. Police body camera film shows a firearm was in Locke’s grasp when he started to sit up as police moved toward him.

“In particular, the State would not be able to refute for certain any of the components of Minnesota’s show of violence rule that approves the utilization of power by Officer Hanneman.

Nor would the State have the option to demonstrate without question a lawbreaker accusation against some other official engaged with the dynamic that prompted the passing of Amir Locke,” the DA and AG’s workplaces said in a joint proclamation Wednesday.

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