On the prowl? Tiger arrives at Masters, unsure of playing

A little more than 13 months since Woods harmed his right leg so severely he said specialists considered removal, Woods showed up at Augusta National on Sunday evening and heated up on a reach where there were a larger number of photographic artists than players.

Woods hit balls for around 20 minutes and afterward got in a truck and made a beeline for the course, which is shut Sunday evening to everybody aside from players and caddies.중국야동

Currently a star fascination, the publicity throughout the five-time Masters champion is higher than at any other time after a vicious single-fender bender that looked like it could end his vocation.

In a tweet Sunday early daytime reporting he was coming to Augusta to continue arrangements for the Masters, he said it will be a “game-time choice” whether he contends.

The Masters doesn’t have a firm cutoff time to submit like standard visit occasions. It is a greeting competition, and players normally tell the club provided that they don’t plan to play.

“Knowing Tiger the manner in which I know him, on the off chance that he wasn’t thoroughly similar to basically feel he gets an opportunity to win, he wouldn’t tee it up,” Mark O’Meara said. “The thing about Tiger Woods is generally when everyone figures he can’t follow through with something, that’s the point at which he gets it done.”

Assuming that Woods chooses to play he played 18 holes at Augusta National five days prior it would be his first rivalry against the world’s best players since Nov. 15, 2020, when the Masters was moved to fall due to the pandemic.

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