Missing girl known as ‘Little Miss Nobody’ identified after more than 60 years

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office held a news meeting Tuesday to declare that DNA innovation was utilized to distinguish the already obscure young lady, whose remains were found in the desert in Arizona in 1960, as Sharon Lee Gallegos.중국야동

“In 1960, individuals had no clue about that DNA would even be an innovation,” Sheriff David Rhodes said. “They wouldn’t know what to call it. There was no such thing as it. In any case, some way or another, some way, they did what’s necessary examination to safeguard, to archive, to memorializ everything that expected to happen so sometime we could arrive at this point.”

Gallegos’ nephew, Ray Chavez, went to the news meeting to share that the tale of his auntie’s vanishing was something his family grew up with.

“We were known as that family who had a young lady hijacked,” Chavez said. “Much obliged to you for how you have helped us. Much obliged to you for keeping my auntie safe and always remembering her. It’s astonishing the work that you accomplished for our family to find a sense of contentment.”

Gallegos was supposedly stole on July 21, 1960, while playing with two different youngsters in a back street behind her grandma’s home in Alamogordo, New Mexico, specialists said. She was 4 years of age at the hour of her vanishing.

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