Lee Sang Woo, AOA’s Hyejeong and more to act in the new mystery thriller film ‘The Hotel’?

‘The Hotel’ is a secret thrill ride that happens when individuals with their own intricate stories assemble at ‘The Hotel’. Lee Sang Woo, Shin Hye Jeong, Myung Se Bin, Kwon Hyuk, Lee Do Yeon, Yoo Da Mi, and so on have affirmed the projecting blend of entertainers with special charms, and the location of the content perusing loaded with energy was uncovered.조개모아

To begin with, Lee Sang Woo assumed the job of ‘Mr Yoon’, the senior supervisor of ‘The Hotel’ and strange appeal. ‘The Hotel’ is his rebound to the screen after around 13 years, and he is relied upon to make a cool appeal by impeccably communicating the person who holds his own mystery in a boundlessly delicate grin. Then, Shin Hye Jeong will assume the job of ‘Ho Eun’, a secretive lady who came to ‘The Hotel’ to finish her composition and will flaunt her exceptional character.

Myung Se Bin’s job of ‘Lee Jung Eun’ is an individual who rests in ‘The Hotel’, who came to know her better half’s issue, and who will effectively bring up her girl into the best ballet dancer. Freshman Kwon Hyuk will turn into the one who entered ‘The Hotel’ to observe a companion who fled with all his fortune. Lee Do Yeon assumes the job of ‘Mina’, who abhors artful dance absurdly, which she began only for her mom.

Then again, while entertainers brimming with distinction assembled in one spot to finish a crisp gathering, at the perusing site in front of the full-scale shooting, the energetic exhibitions of the entertainers suggestive of the genuine recording site were added, raising assumptions for the ideal collaboration of the individuals who will look on the screen.

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