Dear Oppa: A fan writes about how BTS’ SUGA’s existence lights up their world


BTS’ SUGA is a South Korean rapper, musician, and record maker. He made his introduction as a component of BTS under BIGHIT MUSIC, and in 2016, he delivered his first solo mixtape, ‘Agust D’, which is SUGA’s pseudonym, embraced to separate his work from that of his work under the name SUGA. The Korea Music Copyright Association ascribed more than 100 tracks to SUGA as a musician and a maker, including soloist Suran’s tune ‘Wine’, which won best Soul/R&B track of the year at the 2017 Melon Music Awards.

The present sweet letter in our Dear Oppa series is written by Anoushka Vishnoi to BTS’ SUGA. Peruse her letter beneath. 성인사진

I’m composing this for SUGA (Min Yoongi) of BTS


Dear Yoongi,

Most importantly, I need to say thank you for existing, your simple presence illuminates my reality. On this entire Valentine Week, the principal individual that strikes a chord is you 🙂

I recollect whenever I first saw you. ‘Kid With Luv’ MV, debris silver hair, your rap and lip chomps. I downloaded your (and different individuals’) pictures and fangirling over you.

We should concede, I have a keen interest in you, a large number of individuals say this yet trust me, contemplating you causes me thrilled and I to get all energized when I see your photographs and recordings. I truly didn’t have the foggiest idea how to say it or on the other hand assuming that I ought to in light of the fact that you’re my godlike object. Having you similarly as a symbol has given me such a lot of adoration and pleasure, so thank you for contacting my life in such an excellent manner.

Yet, let me account for myself somewhat more. You have the right to know and hear how really astounding you are, and it is very appalling that letters like this don’t really contact you, yet I’ll make an honest effort. <333

You’re in a real sense the, not entirely set in stone, and focused individual. I love the wonderful way you’re so proficient, savage, yet such a delicate, caring mushball.

I likewise love and like that you are delicate, insightful, non-critical and a profound person. I additionally truly think you are inconceivably adorable (and hot). Notwithstanding, that isn’t the reason I like you the manner in which I do.

I love that you will be you and the manner in which you cause me to feel. I love that you are benevolent, friendly, smart, not terrible, but not great either interesting, senseless, and adoring. I love that you are dedicated and energetic with regards to your work. You rouse me in this way, to such an extent.

Whenever I originally saw you, I had no clue about that you would wind up significance this much to me. I additionally had no clue about that you would completely change me and myself to improve things.

I simply need you to be the most joyful. I truly love you with my entire heart.

I guarantee to cherish you till the last day. The fact that we’ll meet sometime makes me unequivocal. Much obliged to you for causing me to feel exceptional and giving me butterflies with your moron and coquettish raps in the old Bangtan time.

Wishing you a solid, effective and prosperous life ahead.


Anoushka Vishnoi

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