Lee Sang Hee to reunite with ‘All of Us Are Dead’ director for new thriller drama lead by Park Bo Young?

Lee Sang Hee

As indicated by numerous media provides details regarding February eighth, Lee Sang Hee will show up in Lee Jae Gyu’s next film ‘Attendant Sheena’s Asylum Diary’ which is a recuperating dramatization in light of the encounters of a genuine medical caretaker, in view of the first webtoon of a similar name by author Iraha. It portrays the beautiful story of a mental ward focusing on the medical caretaker Jung Sheena.조개모아

Lee Sang Hee joins chief Lee Jae Gyu by and by with ‘Attendant Sheena’s Asylum Diary’ following ‘We all Are Dead’. Within each one ‘of Us Are Dead’, Lee Sang Hee illuminated her weighty presence as Park Seon Hwa, an English instructor and a second-year class 5 educator at Hyosan High School, where the zombie infection started.

With her astounding acting abilities that distinctively express her characters as though they were alive and breathing, she assumed a functioning part by adding profundity to her energetic zombies. Subsequent to working with Lee Sang Hee within each one ‘of Us Are Dead’, chief Lee Jae Gyu picked her by and by for his next work, ‘Medical attendant Sheena’s Asylum Diary’.

As it is a section that shows her trust and assessment toward Lee Sang Hee all things considered, assumptions are developing for Lee Sang Hee’s presentation in her next work. Notwithstanding Lee Sang Hee, Park Bo Young was approached to show up in ‘Medical caretaker Sheena’s Asylum Diary’.

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