Jin Goo merges with his webtoon self in new posters for OCN’s crime thriller drama ‘A Superior Day’

A Superior Day Posters

OCN’s ‘A Superior Day’, which will be circulated on March thirteenth, is the most conventional man who needs to kill the chronic executioner who lives nearby to save his captured girl. It is a 24-hour runaway spine chiller wherein just the most prevalent make due.한국야동

‘A Superior Day’, which had recently started critical interest through the principal secret, is raising assumptions with a mystery banner that radiates the brutal air of a spine chiller this time. The delivered secret banner contains the eyes of Jin Goo (Lee Ho Cheol), who is loaded with dread and life very nearly a runaway through an enormous break that crosses his face.

Simultaneously, the wrecked clock encompassing him insinuates what is going on of Lee Ho Cheol (played by Jin Goo) whose day to day existence is divided by being caught in the harness of ’24 hours’, invigorating the creative mind of things to come unfurling.

What’s more, the duplicate expression ‘My girl was captured… I need to recollect that person’s face’ boosts the feeling of thinking of the individuals who appear to be associated with the inquiry “Who are you?” that Jin Goo presented in the principal mystery.

Then again, the substance of the fundamental person in the drawing of the first webtoon, which should be visible through the breaks of the torn clock, flaunts ideal synchronization with Jin Goo, which adds to the interest. What’s more, the look of Lee Ho Cheol in the webtoon banner that was delivered together is shockingly like Jin Goo. This raises assumptions for the person ‘Lee Ho-cheol’ in the first webtoon, which will be reawakened through entertainer Jin Goo.

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