BTS’ V’s Viral ‘Squid Game’ Cosplay Becomes The Most Liked K Pop Fan Video On TikTok

BTS’ V shows off his astonishing star power once more! The ‘Squid Game’ cosplay done by V has demonstrated to be the champion and most vital second from BTS’ 2021 ‘Authorization TO DANCE: ON STAGE’ show.

One of his few viral ‘Squid Game’ recordings has now outperformed 10.4 million preferences and very nearly 60 million perspectives. It is as of now the most-enjoyed K-pop fan video on TikTok. 조개모아

For those unversed, on the third day of the show V astounded and pleased the crowd by appearing in undeniable ensemble as one of the ‘Squid Game’ monitors from the super-hit Netflix endurance series. Wearing a red tracksuit and dark cover, V’s staggering visuals and fun execution, pulled in the two fans and non-fans the same, making him circulate around the web on TikTok and Instagram.

Large numbers of his recordings amassed great many perspectives inside 24 hours on the two stages, demonstrating his title as the ‘Star Attraction.’ His recordings keep on acquiring interest even long after the show has finished. BTS individuals love ‘Squid Game’ and V even took a selfie with Lee Jung Jae, a fanboy second for the two of them!

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