BLACKPINK top January girl group brand reputation rankings; New girl group IVE make their debut on the list

BLACKPINK members performing at an event

BLACKPINK in our space and in our souls! BLACKPINK clutched their spot at the first spot on the list with a brand notoriety file of 5,619,627, denoting a 8.42 percent ascend in their score since December.한국야동

High-positioning expressions in the gathering’s watchword investigation included ‘BLACKPINK The Movie,’ ‘Flicker,’ and ‘Snowdrop,’ attributable to their new commemoration film and Jisoo’s K-show debut! While their most elevated positioning related terms included ‘discharge,’ ‘outperform,’ and ‘contention’, inferable from the new ‘Snowdrop’ discussion.

IVE came in at a nearby second making their great introduction on the rundown with a brand notoriety list of 5,442,980. January denoted the primary month that the youngster young lady bunch was remembered for the Korean Business Research Institute’s rankings!

aespa kept up with their situation at third spot with a brand notoriety file of 3,497,177, denoting a 27.08 percent increment in their score since a month ago. At long last, TWICE took the fourth spot with a brand notoriety file of 3,067,624, while Red Velvet gathered together the best five with an absolute list of 2,547,622 for January.

Gracious My Girl, Girls’ Generation, Apink, MAMAMOO and Kep1er wrap up the best 10 rundown for January young lady bunch brand notoriety rankings. Congrats to BLACKPINK!

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