THROWBACK: When Red Velvet’s Seulgi & Irene got REAL about working together; Admitted being nervous & worried

THROWBACK: Red Velvet Irene Seulgi

We are glancing back at August 2020 when Red Velvet alum Seulgi got real with regards to her character, advancing Red Velvet’s first subunit, and that’s just the beginning while at the same time talking with Allure Korea! When requested to share how she felt when she got back in front of an audience without precedent for some time to perform “Beast,” Seulgi said, “It was actually my first time being at a music show in some time. 무료야동

I was so apprehensive. I was truly stressed too that I probably won’t have the option to track down the right camera We’d rehearsed for quite a while, yet I actually discussed something like that with Irene a ton, concerning how I was truly anxious and stressed about whether I’d have the option to progress admirably.” Seulgi likewise expressed that Irene had told her, “You can progress nicely! At the point when we do our rebound later, you’ll do everything!” Seulgi said, “Checking out it later on, I truly did it, very much like she said.

What’s more I was additionally truly fretful on the grounds that our rebound had been pushed back a ton.” She chuckled, “We’d recorded theatrical presentations before to fit with the arranged planning, so it seemed like individuals would say, ‘For what reason are those two abruptly on this show?'” When asked who it was that said that, Seulgi uncovered that it was their individuals. “They upheld us by saying that it was conceivable on the grounds that it was both of us, which invigorated me,” she said.

The questioner referenced that Seulgi had recently said that she considers hands being significant when moving. “I discovered that it’s feasible to communicate things exhaustively even with your fingers,” said Seulgi. “We weren’t simply doing movement, we likewise needed to think carefully, so I learned about a touch of it, however eventually we were truly doing it. We got more sure, and it was something that no other person had attempted and we turned out to be certain that fans would like it when both of us did it, so we had the option to have a great time doing it.”

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