Here’s A Look Inside The Bakery That Makes Krispy Kreme And Wonder Bread For The US Military In South Korea

CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea — The Army and Air Force Exchange Service commended the fabulous opening Friday of another pastry kitchen that produces American-brand products like Wonder Bread and Krispy Kreme doughnuts in South Korea.

The 255,800-square-foot Korea Distribution Center at Camp Humphreys, which really started working toward the end of last year, is AAFES’ biggest item place in the Pacific. It conveys merchandise to government representatives in Korea, Japan, Guam, Saipan and American Samoa. 조개모아

“This is tied in with turning out to be more productive and being better ready to serve our administration our relatives,” Army Col. Seth Graves, Humphreys’ post administrator, told Stars and Stripes on Friday. “I realize the local area is excited with regards to it.”

The undertaking required nine years and cost $20 million, as per information given by AAFES corporate central command in Dallas. The middle replaces a more established one at Camp Market in Incheon made out of nine structures, some of which dated to the 1930s. The moved focus will save $225,000 in transportation costs more than five years.

“This cutting edge appropriation focus and pastry shop remains as a demonstration of the trade’s longstanding obligation to troops and families living and serving on the landmass,” Eighth Army’s leader, Gen. Willard Burleson, said during the function.

Almost $18 million worth of stock went through the conveyance habitats in 2020 and 140 holders are dealt with every month. The middle utilizes 174 partners and handles 81 vehicles that incorporates farm haulers, refrigerated van trucks and trailers.

As well as putting away and shipping items, the office incorporates a 25,000-square-foot pastry shop that produces products from American brands like Wonder Bread and Krispy Kreme. They are dispersed to stores, eateries and schools on army installations.

“Brands need to cooperate with the trade to give a sample of home to support their relatives positioned abroad,” Donald Henson, the food plant activity chief and senior supervisor, said in an email to Stars and Stripes on Friday.

AAFES is the 54th-biggest retailer in the U.S., as per an organization factsheet. All of the organization’s profit go toward the tactical local area. In the previous decade, $3.4 billion was accommodated “basic military personal satisfaction programs.”

Henson, who says he has been in the baking business since he was 15 years of age, noticed that AAFES pastry shops have been making Wonder Bread starting around 2002. “Items made in the trade bread kitchen are made new with American flour — so it’s a genuine taste of home for those serving a long way from the solaces of loved ones,” Henson said in his email. “Our items taste very much as they do move in the United States.”

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