Tangjiahe Area Of Guangyuan Branch Of The Giant Panda National Park Is Home To 39 Wild Giant Pandas

Tangjiahe is famous as the one of a handful of the low-elevation regions in the world with a high experience pace of wild creatures. Notwithstanding the goliath panda with stable populace improvement, there are likewise uncommon creatures like brilliant scorn nosed monkey, Sichuan takin and Przevalski’s parrotbill. In the save, takins wandering along the street are an incredible scene.

As of now, there are 23 types of public top of the line secured wild creatures and 86 types of public below average ensured wild creatures appropriated in Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve. There are 327 types of birds having a place with 168 genera in 58 families, with 46% of transient birds, including 12 types of public five star secured birds, like Chinese monal and Chinese grouse.성인사진

Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve, set up 43 years prior, stays zeroed in on the security and examination of monster pandas, brilliant scorn nosed monkeys and takins, and holds fast to asset assurance, logical exploration and local area co-administration to mutually ensure the untamed life in its purview.

Tangjiahe isn’t just helping out the close by local legislatures, creature pandemic counteraction stations, nearby secured regions and authoritative towns to set up a collaboration framework for observing untamed life foci and sicknesses.

Simultaneously, it is working together with untamed life research foundations like Tsinghua University, Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, global associations and public government assistance establishments like the World Wide Fund for Nature and Shan Shui Conservation Center to do day by day watch, logical observing and natural life insurance, among others. As of now, the hold has directed more than 50,000 checking exercises of different wild creatures, and aided in excess of 20 lost and debilitated wild creatures.

For the corn, assault, soybean and other harvest regions truly imperiled by wild creatures like takin, mountain bear and wild hog around the hold, the save is ready to look for help from social capital, for example, uncommon ranger service reserves. Simultaneously, innovation, experience and appropriation finances will be presented to help ranchers in growing generally safe environmental ventures, for example, Phyllostachys praecox and conventional Chinese medication, changing customary cultivating strategies, and effectively keeping away from wild animals.

Tangjiahe has likewise consented to assurance arrangements with northern Minshan nature saves like Gansu Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve, set up a cross territorial observing and joint avoidance framework, and together did the security and the executives of wild creature populaces and territories like goliath pandas.

Simultaneously, we are bringing endeavors to get serious about criminal operations like poaching and eating wild creatures. Since Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve was set up 43 years prior, no significant cases like hunting and killing of monster pandas and brilliant reprimand nosed monkeys have happened.

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