Top 5 K-pop Celebrity Couples That Make Everyone’s Hearts Flutter

Regardless of whether the actual couple uncovered it themselves or the infamous media organization Dispatch revealed it, they actually acquired sufficient help from fans, yet with somewhat of a backfire.

Presently that one of the top couples in K-pop, HyunA and DAWN, made their unit debut, how about we take a gander at more love blending in the music business.

1) Crush and Red Velvet’s Joy

How about we start with the freshest couple in K-pop town. Red Velvet’s Joy and R&B vocalist Crush affirmed they were seeing someone August 23, 2021! The news was first declared by K-news source Sports Chosun and was subsequently supported by the artists’ organizations, JYPE and PNATION.무료성인야동

2) HyunA and DAWN

Next up is the K-pop couple causing ripple effects and breaking generalizations – PNATION’s HyunA and DAWN. The team declared their relationship in 2018, expressing that they had been dating since 2016. After their news was freely declared, their then-office CUBE Entertainment ended their agreements, refering to not keeping up with trust, and they held hands with Psy later.

The team as of late appeared as a unit with their presentation collection, 1+1=1 delivered with unconventional, out of control title track PING PONG.

3) Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Ari

Last September, reports broke out of the famous second gen bunch Super Junior’s Ryeowook, and previous TAHITI part Ari were dating. Around the same time, their office affirmed the reports. They expressed that they drew nearer through their relationship as senior and junior craftsmen. Ryeowook is as of now dynamic as a vocalist, an entertainer, and a melodic entertainer.

4) TWICE’s Momo and Super Junior’s Heechul

The beginning of 2020 was shockingly useful for K-pop stans as TWICE’s Momo and Super Junior’s Kim Heechul were affirmed they were dating on January 2. Market News, the news source that detailed the news, expressed that the team was each other’s help all through their “unpleasant encounters” in the business.

In any case, in July 2021, the couples’ offices affirmed that the two had headed out in a different direction.

5) SNSD’s Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho

Not a far and away K-pop couple, but rather Girls’ Generations’ Sooyoung and Hospital Playlist entertainer Jung Kyung Ho have been continuing forward for a long time. After various reports broke out, the big names’ organizations affirmed that the two had begun dating a year prior, in 2013. It’s 2021, and the couple is as yet pushing ahead! Jung Kyung Ho as of late referenced Sooyoung, saying she has made him what he is today. Talk about an affection that just becomes fonder.

Uncommon notice – BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie

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There can’t be a K-pop icons dating list without the greatest K-pop names connected. In February 2021, Dispatch revealed the greatest K-pop hotshot, G-Dragon, and the greatest young lady bunch BLACKPINK’s Jennie, are dating. They even referenced that the pair meet consistently, and their relationship is a loosely held bit of information in YG Entertainment.

Curiously, the two gatherings were shaped in YG Entertainment. Nonetheless, the office just answered, “We can not affirm anything about craftsmen’s very own lives,” neither denying nor affirming. Their relationship currently stays perhaps the greatest secret in K-pop.

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