Shin Se Kyung Didn’t Mind Revealing Skin In ‘Tazza: The Hidden Card’

Entertainer Shin Se Kyung as of late plunked down for a meeting, where she uncovered her contemplations about uncovering skin in ‘Tazza: The Hidden Card’ (chief: Kang Hyung Chul), “I didn’t care about them to an extreme.”

With respect to recording a GoStop playing scene while clad in just clothing, Shin Se Kyung said, “That required fourteen days to film. It was somewhat off-kilter toward the start, yet I became acclimated to it following a couple of days.”

When inquired as to whether she felt troubled over uncovering skin in the film, Shin Se Kyung replied, “It’s actually similar to your affections for yesterday and today are very surprising. It very well may be fine for you, yet others may take it another way, so it relies upon what you look like at it. It very well may be critical, or may be inconsequential. I for one don’t feel that it was truly critical.”무료야동사이트

Shin Se Kyung likewise focused, “When I picked ‘Tazza: The Hidden Card’, I never gave a lot of consideration on whether there were any nakedness scenes. I picked the film since I was drawn to the charms of the job. It may likewise be on the grounds that I don’t actually mind much about such things. I unquestionably didn’t settle on a choice after seeing that there were scenes where I needed to uncover skin.”

Concerning the tales that she utilized a body twofold for the noteworthy scene, Shin Se Kyung said happily, “How is it possible that they would think about that. I feel truly violated. I endeavored to shape my body.”

‘Tazza: The Hidden Card’ is the continuation of 2006 South Korean film ‘Tazza: The High Rollers’, and is adjusted from the comic of a similar name by artist Huh Young Man. ‘Tazza: The High Rollers’ gotten 6.84 million in those days, and was coordinated by Choi Dong Hun. In ‘Tazza: The Hidden Card’, Ham Dae Gil (T.O.P) is the nephew of Goni, and is similarly adroit at card play very much like this uncle. With his expertise, will to win, and bravery, Ham Dae Gil enters the betting hidden world in Seoul, where he participates in perilous games again and again. Shin Se Kyung assumes the part of Mi Na, who is the primary love of Dae Gil.

Kim Yun Seok and Yu Hae Jin repeat their jobs from the main film, and they are joined by Big Bang’s T.O.P, Shin Se Kyung, Kwak Do Won, Lee Ha Nui, Kim In Kwon, Oh Jung Se, Park Hyo Joo, and others in the spin-off. The film will hit films across South Korea on September third.

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