2PM’s Taecyeon Pokes Fun At Kim So Hyun

As per Koreaboo, Taecyeon sent entertainer Kim So Hyun and her staff an espresso truck to support their dramatization The Tale of Nokdu.

Be that as it may, what grabbed the eye of fans was what was composed on the standards.

Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun initially met on the arrangement of the tvN dramatization, Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight and appear to have struck an enduring fellowship together. It additionally clarifies why he continues to send her espresso trucks with energetically angry messages.조개모아

The flag on the espresso truck peruses: “So Hyun, despite the fact that you didn’t stay with me in the military…”

Another sign said: “I’m applauding you, entertainers and staff! Also, you as well, So Hyun despite the fact that you never stayed with me in the military…”

Already, he likewise sent an espresso truck to So Hyun while she was recording the dramatization The Emperor: Owner of the Mask. The espresso truck accompanied a flag welcome expressing, “Come visit me in the military.” Unfortunately, she didn’t visit him then since she was excessively occupied.

Because of this, the fans considered their to be as an adorable resentment. A few fans discovered it truly lovable and kidded that Taecyeon will “clutch his resentment until the end of time.”

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