Officials Warn Parkgoers About Rabid Bat Found At San Diego Zoo Safari Park Friday

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park invite sign. Photograph kindness Wikimedia Commons.

Region wellbeing authorities were looking Sunday for any individual who may have interacted with an out of control bat that was found at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The bat was discovered alive in the Mombasa Island Pavilion Friday and was gathered by a recreation center worker, as indicated by the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency.무료야동

The bat was not one of the recreation center’s assortment creatures, the organization said. One other frenzied bat has been found in San Diego County so far this year.

“Human rabies is typically lethal without brief post-openness immunization and treatment,” said Wilma Wooten, region general wellbeing official. “There has been no announced human or creature contact with this bat, however it was found in a space where many park guests cruise by, and we need to ensure that nobody had contact with it.”

Rabies transmission can happen from a bat nibble or if a bat’s salivation interacts with a cut or scraped area, or with mucous layers, like the eyes, nose or mouth.

“Individuals ought to consistently avoid bats and other wild creatures to forestall conceivable openness to rabies,” Wooten said. “On the off chance that you see a bat, in any condition, don’t contact it.”

Any individual who had contact with the bat was encouraged to contact the district wellbeing office at 619-692-8499.

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