Top 10 Saddest K-pop Songs You Must Add To Your Playlist

This rundown centers around tunes that are themed around trouble, tunes made to go with audience members during snapshots of dejection.

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1) Haru – Big Bang

From Big Bang’s collection “Stand Up”, “Haru” turned out in 2008.

The music video for the melody portrays a miserable story. It recounts the account of a young lady who is at death’s door yet doesn’t have any desire to disclose to her beau about it. To forestall him the agony she attempts to turn him against her by claiming to go behind his back with his companion.

An exemplary throughout the entire existence of K-pop since it isn’t just a melody that all k-pop sweethearts know, yet it has a place with quite possibly the most famous gatherings.

Board referenced that it is a trial work of art and named it the subsequent best Big Bang tune. “Haru” was picked as perhaps the best melody by a kid bunch over the most recent 20 years.

2) Wind – FT Island

Joined by a piano we can hear the voice of Lee Hong Gi in “Wind”, a tune that was delivered in 2017 in the collection “More than 10 Years.”

In a short time “Wind” portrays the account of an individual going through grievousness and the different phases of this disagreeable excursion. It begins with the vocalist conveying a devotion to their ex-sweetheart which gradually moves into desolation over the deplorability they caused lastly finishes with the artist proceeding onward from the awfulness and vowing to never allow their ex-darling to maneuver into their life.

Despite the fact that it isn’t quite possibly the most well known K-pop melodies, it is an ideal expansion to a playlist for a wrecked heart.

The melody was assigned for Best Song of the Year and Best Band Performance at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

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3 Forever Rain – RM (BTS)

The rapper and head of BTS delivered this tune in 2018, with “Always Rain” being the lead single from his mixtape.

In this enlivened music video we can see the hero strolling through the downpour, with a sluggish beat playing behind the scenes.

There is a significant detail in the MV, the bird, an image of opportunity and thoughtlessness, disappears. He can’t take off in light of the fact that he is anchored to this world.

Abruptly, MV’s character gazes upward into the sky, he has recognized his misery and the time has come to push ahead. The sky is clearing up, which implies he can at last follow his objectives, that there are times when everything turns out badly yet things in every case clear up.

The tune proceeds to depict an individual who simply needs to be left alone for a brief period to assemble their contemplations and how the downpour assists them with getting away from the consistent look of the general population.

This melody was conceivably composed by RM to compare his quick moving life as a K-pop star that is persistently in the spotlight with the existence he would wish to have every once in a while, where he had his security and was moderately unknown in a group.

This is an extraordinary melody for a dim day and a dim state of mind.

4 She’s in the Rain – The Rose

“She’s in the Rain” from the collection “First light” is a k-pop/independent single by the band The Rose, who appeared in 2017, delivering the melody a year later.

In this music video an individual is drawing a lady who strolls with her head down, at that point we can see her crouching, in any event, crying in the downpour.

The downpour has consistently been identified with misery and sentimentality and this tune emblematically portrays what dejection and void resemble. This melody addresses the individuals who are exhausted of the depression that comes into life and gives them support.

The longing to proceed onward can be seen toward the finish of the video when the fundamental character of the video at last discovers harmony.

Its non mainstream rock sound isn’t an obstacle for despairing to be available in the tune.

No ifs, ands or buts, it is a tune that will widen feelings.

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5 Beautiful Pain – BTOB

“Delightful Pain” is a melody that from the start includes numerous feelings. From the collection “Hour Moment”, this k-pop melody, delivered in 2018, is about a separation.

Appeared in every one of the individuals’ individual scenes, it represents the pattern of affection, from falling head over heels to having battles, saying a final farewell to your accomplice, lament, lastly proceeding onward to track down another adoration.

They all show their dejection and their agony when they miss that individual who used to be close by, that individual with whom they had a good time and were glad, nonetheless, that does not exist anymore, they just have recollections.

A k-pop song that discussions about the self-contradicting feeling that stays after a separation and how this stage can not be kept away from.

The video shows every one of the individuals separately and their recollections.

6 What Do I Do? – Jisun

Part of the OST for the mainstream k-dramatization “Young men Before Flowers”, “What Do I Do?” shares a sensation of torment and blame.

It doesn’t make any difference if there is an information on the k-dramatization or not, since the manner by which the vocalist’s voice is utilized to show every one of the sentiments and feelings is right on target.

The tune evokes an emotional response in individuals, making it an ideal k-pop tune to tune in to alone or in a snapshot of trouble. The video shows a few clasps from “Young men Before Flowers” fundamental couple, so it tends to be perceived what’s going on.

To put it plainly, a melody that should be heard on a pitiful day.

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7 Breathe – Lee Hi

A solitary from the collection “SEOULITE pt. 1” which was delivered in 2016, “Inhale” is a k-pop tune which sends the audience through a scope of sentiments.

In the music video the existences of a few characters are depicted, in every one of them misery and weariness can be taken note. It is very perceptible everybody is depleted from their work yet they keep on giving it their everything.

This melody passes on a dismal second, in any case, simultaneously it tries to invigorate the individual who tunes in to it. It tries to offer help to the individuals who are going through a difficult time.

Despite the fact that this melody appears to be a tragic tune, it can give a touch of inspiration when the longing to surrender kicks in.

8 When We Were Us – Super Junior K.R.Y

“At the point when We Were Us” is a k-pop tune delivered in 2020 to recollect those first minutes before reality closes the fantasy.

A k-pop melody that communicates sentimentality through its music and the voices. Very Junior’s sub-unit, with Yesung, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook as individuals, express how much the recollections of an affection that no longer exists hurt.

In this music video there is no story, however that doesn’t prevent feelings from streaming since the voices convey the melody.

This k-pop tune, from the start as far as possible, is fit for shaking individuals out of despairing with a video that uses the blue and orange shading range.

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9 Lost One – Epik High

Delivered in 2017 for the collection “We’ve Done Something Wonderful”, Epik High offers an emotional music video for the film “Neglected”, featuring Kang Ha Neul.

The music video is chiefly founded on scenes from the film, scenes which give a sensation of risk and strain, from the fall of a work of art to the primary character perceiving how his sibling is seized. The entirety of this is joined by exchange from the film.

The tune, which includes the cooperation of Kim Jong Wan of the non mainstream musical gang NELL, gives more inclination to each stanza of the tune.

Without expecting to comprehend the verses, Tablo’s rap can pass on secret sentiments, notwithstanding, it is gradually found that those sentiments were stress and trouble.

A k-pop melody committed to individuals who have a specific objective and who could get lost en route when attempting to arrive at it.

10 Cold Love – CN Blue

This k-pop/independent tune was delivered in 2014 from the collection “Can’t Stop” has awful verses and a habit-forming tune.

From the start it gives the pith of bitterness on the grounds that from the main stanza it discusses a closure and later it is supplemented with a wrecked heart saying the words “I’m grieved”.

It is the ideal tragic k-pop tune to tune in to after a separation.

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