Rain Talks Married Life With Kim Tae-hee: ‘I Try Not To Get Help From My Wife’

The South Korean heart breaker cooks and effectively assists around the house.

South Korean artist and entertainer Rain, who has been hitched to entertainer Kim Tae-hee since January 2017, is the ideal spouse!

During a unique visitor appearance on assortment arrangement My Ugly Duckling on Dec 27, Rain was inquired as to whether he assists around the house. “I do everything all alone. I make an effort not to find support (from my better half) for most things,” he shares (interpretation by Soompi).성인사진

“So I don’t actually get reproved excessively (contrasted with different spouses), ” he adds, drawing giggling from the floor.

The dad of two says he even does the cooking. In any case, the previous Full House star is specific about cooking the perfect sum.

“I purchase my own food, in precisely the serving size that I need to eat, and I put it away. So I’ll ask (my significant other) ahead of time, ‘Would you like to eat?’ And if nobody needs to eat, I’ll set up a supper only for myself alone, eat it, do the dishes, and tidy up everything. I prefer getting things done as such.”

Inquired as to whether spouse Kim later had a shift in perspective and asked him for a chomp, Rain reacted: “No, I wouldn’t permit it. No. Those are the guidelines of our family.”

“I have a particular serving size that I need to eat to feel full that day.”

Indeed, we as a whole have our annoyances.

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