Seo In-Guk Says Park Bo-Young Is Perfect In ‘Doom At Your Service’

Diversion goliath CJ ENM as of late held a public interview for the forthcoming dream sentiment show Doom at Your Service. The question and answer session highlighted the dramatization’s stars Park Bo-youthful, Seo In-guk, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kang Tae-goodness and Shin Do-hyun, just as the show’s chief Kwon Young-Il.

At the question and answer session, Park and Seo talked about cooperating and the science they shared on set. He depicted her as “great.”성인사진

“Bo-youthful and I share a ton of likenesses as far as the acting cycle and we put in our best exertion, so we shared a lot of practically speaking when it came to getting the things we needed from one another,” said Seo. “It resembled tackling a riddle to make this task. That is the reason I think our science is great.”

Park said that her kindred entertainers consistently assist her with making a superior showing and on account of Doom At Your Service, Seo was a major assistance.

“In this show Seo In-guk is an extraordinary entertainer,” said Park. “In this way, I think I got a touch of help from him making the work far superior.”

Park’s character has no terrific desires before she learns she has just a brief time frame to live.


In Doom At Your Service, Park plays Tak Dong-Kyung, a lady who has so far carried on with a customary existence with no aspiring objectives. Having lost her folks at an early age, she gained not to anticipate much from life. However, when she finds that she has just 100 days left to live, she needs to make every second count.

She by one way or another request Myul Mang, a courier among divine beings and people. Myul Mang, played by Seo, is apathetic regarding human existence and wishes the world would end, that is until he meets Dong-Kyung.

For Park the job offered something else from those she did previously.

“In past works, regular sentiment dramatizations, I was the extraordinary character,” said Park. “In any case, in this dramatization I play a typical character and my accomplice plays the uncommon character, so I believe it’s very unique. Dong kyung takes on this excursion to discover her personality, so that is the story I need to tell the crowd. I don’t have a clue how the outcome came out, however I buckled down.”

Web optimization was drawn to his character in light of his intricacy. Despite the fact that Myul Mang should be charming and appealing, the chief needed him to zero in on the misery he conveyed inside him, to draw out the distress that is related with the character’s job throughout everyday life.

Website design enhancement’s character Myul Mang is somewhere close to human and god.


“The character isn’t human, not god, some place in the center, so it’s exceptionally precarious,” said Seo. “There are things the character loathes, yet the character needs to do those errands for the world to continue, for life to go on.”

At the point when chief Kwon and screenwriter Im Meari started discussing the task, they previously knew who they would project, including Seo and Lee Soo-hyuk, whom Kwon had effectively worked with.

“Two years prior I met with screenwriter Im to ta;l about this plotline and we began examining who might be a solid match for the characters,” said Kwon. “We as a whole picked these five entertainers. We singularly resulted in these present circumstances understanding. I cooperated with Lee Soo-hyuk and Seo In-guk in past projects, along these lines, obviously, I had the most elevated trust in their capacity to act. Clearly, different entertainers were occupied with their timetables, so it took some time, however I need to offer my thanks that they accepted this position.”

Park and Seo consistently accepted they would cooperate one day. Web optimization has appearances in the dramatizations Abyss and Oh My Ghost, the two of which Park showed up in, and they respected each other’s work.

Website optimization In-Guk and Lee Soo-Hyuk cooperated on the dramatization High School King of Savvy and the 2021 film Pipeline.

Chief Kwon Young-il recently coordinated the shows My Unfamiliar Family and Search: WWW. Park featured in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and shows up in the film Concrete Utopia. Website design enhancement showed up in Shopaholic Louis and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. Lee Soo-hyuk showed up in the dramatizations Born Again and Valid Love, while Kang Tae-goodness was in the shows Run On and Tale of Nokdu. Shin Do-hyun showed up in Memorials and Hospital Playlist.

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